Beckets & Hinges
Sea Tales of Old North Yarmouth, Maine
by Captain Charles Chandler & Abbie Oakes
Edited & Illustrated by their cousin Arnold Sturtevant

Price:  $35.00
Format:  Soft cover; 156 pages & over 100 illustrations  ISBN:  978-1-4269-1839-1  Pub. Date:  December, 2009 

A 19th Century century heroine takes to the seas with her shipfaring husband.  Captain Charles Chandler Oakes and his wife Abbie brave stormy passages, foreign wars, childbearing, shipwrecks, and murder at sea.  Beckets & Hinges preserves their first-person journal accounts of deep water voyages on square-rigged windjammers to faraway lands.   ( 
Home-Nest Chronicles:
Ripe Berry Moon & Tales from LabradorBy Leda & Arn Sturtevant

Price:  $34.00
Format:  Hardcover; Dust Jacket; 498 pages; 176 IllustrationsISBN:  0-9676814-0-5Pub. Date:  December, 1999 

A dramatic, true account of the assimilation of two Native American Micmac women and their offspring into white culture.  This collection of stories tells about some very different people from the past whose once divergent paths met at Home-Nest Farm.  Stories of wars, scalpings, Indian captivity, ethnic cleansing, shipwrecks, financial failure, murder, adultery, orphaned and abandoned children, problems of racial assimilation:  many such dramatic tales of our family have been told and retold before the hearth of Home-Nest Farm.    
Josiah Volunteered
Edited by Arnold H. Sturtevant with Drawings by S. W. Hilton
Price:  $40.00
Format:  Hardcover; Dust Jacket; 559 pages; 124 Illustrations; 55 Drawings by Maine Artist Seaverns Hilton
SBN:  0-9676814-1-3Pub. Date:  1977
A collection of diaries, letters, poems and photographs of Josiah H. Sturtevant, his wife, Helen, and his four children spanning from the American Civil War through the late Victorian Era.  A family physically dissevered by circumstances of war (Civil), employment and sickness found spiritual unity through the written word.
"...skillful compilation of letters, diaries and photographs...brings us into intimate touch with the life and times of a Maine family...readers who are sensitive to the values of those who have gone before will be pleased.  A book to treasure, a true and poignant American Story." -- Maine History News  
Cradle to Nest
by Leda & Arn Sturtevant

Price:  $41.50 Hardcover or $29.00 Paperback
474 pages
Over 500 photographs
ISBN:  978-1-4251-5227-7
Publication date:  September, 2008

The authors recount how love survives a lifetime of strange and fascinating, hilarious and serious encounters with demons and angels warring over their souls from infancy to old age. 

 6th generation hosts dress for school presentation
Crispy Critter's Christmas Tree
by:  Sarah Robinson​;
Photographs by:  Arn & Leda Sturtevant

Price:  $19.00
Format:  Paperback; 31 pages; 21 full-color photographsISBN:  1-4251-2990-0Pub. Date:  November, 2007

A curious pony helps find the perfect Christmas tree.  Illustrated with color photos taken at Home-Nest Farm of a cast of family members and farm animals in their quest for a perfect Christmas tree.    
A History of Livermore 
By Reginald H. Sturtevant (1899-1974)

Price: $21.55 softcover, $31.55 hardcover with dust jacket
Hundreds of illustrations 
ISBN: 9781426935671 
Publication date: 1970 & June 2010
Pages: 396
Size: 6X9

Reginald (Ren) Sturtevant is a 5th generation member of Home-Nest Farm’s host family. Born in Livermore Falls, where he spent most of his life in the banking profession, his heart belonged to Fayette’s Home-Nest Farm, where he spent childhood days with his grandmother and retirement years with his family. Valued as the area’s unofficial historian, he had considerable talent for incorporating a large measure of entertainment into well-documented historical content.  This book is an updated edition of Sturtevant’s popular history, made all the more useful by addition of an extensive index. It contains hundreds of photographs from the author’s collection, together with many illustrations by Maine artist, Seaverns W. Hilton.  
Come With Me From Lebanon
A Study of The Song of So.omon
by Arnold H. Sturtevant
Price: $17.48 softcover, $27.48 hardcover
ISBN: 9781426975028
Publication date: August 2011
pages: 276
size: 6X9
This verse by verse study finds The Song of Solomon to be Messianic prophecy presented in poetic form. The story line revolves about a love affair in which King Solomon and a Shepherd (Messiah) contend for the heart and soul of a vineyard keeper named Peaceful. The heroine pursues elusive peace in her home town of Jerusalem (city of peace), where no peace is to be found under proud Solomon's reign. She is won over by the Shepherd: the Lord is her shepherd and soon-coming Prince of Peace, Lord of lords and King of kings. For those who have been troubled by conventional interpretation of the Song, this is bound to finally satisfy, even excite, as you discover why it is an indispenible, integral part of Judaic and Christian canon. Chairman of a major Christian publishing house says, "Sturtevant's allegorical presentation may well be right! I remember in seminary hearing the general poit of view ... but not with the precision and carefulness of the author's manuscript." A Christian conference speaker adds, "It may be a sleeping giant of end-time prophecy." 
The Great Mystery City
By Arnold H. Sturtevant 

Price: $14.00 softcover
Library of Congress: #93-74552
Publication date: 1993
Pages: 275
Size:  6X9

Through an impressive array of Scriptural proof, the author systematically identifies Mystery Babylon as Jerusalem, “the great city which is mystically called Sodom and Egypt, where also (our) Lord was crucified” (Revelation 11:8). The God who (by Revelation 18:24) judges “Mystery Babylon” guilty of the shed blood of all his prophets and all his saints is the very same God who (by Matthew 23:35-37) judges Jerusalem guilty of the identical crimes. No contradiction here, for all judgments of the Lord are “true and righteous” (Psalm 19:9). This study reveals the indicted cities are, in fact, one and the same. The magnitude of the great city’s predestined dark power over world events will soon be forcefully demonstrated, along with a glorious display of the magnitude of God’s everlasting love for his people, Israel.
Romancing Weld
(avallable December 2015, reserve your copy now)

by Arnold H. Sturtevant

Price: $28.44 softcover 
ISBN: 978-1-4907-6307-1

Publication date: 2015 (for December 1, 2015 release)

Size: 8 1/2 x 11
over 200 photographs ... 75 full-page color images suitable for framing 

The author's family has enjoyed a 7-generation love affair with scenic Weld, Maine. This gem of a town holds a large mirror-like lake that reflects her surrounding crown of gorgeous mountains in Maine's fabled Longfellow Range. In conjunction with Weld's 2016 bicentennial year celebration,Sturtevant tells his family's tale of being part of her history for over half of the 200-year span. The author proclaims, "Once seen, who can resist her!" His stunning photographic record of her beauty is sure to inspire more Weld lovers ... "Hopefully, not so many as to spoil her," he adds.
A Question of Sovereignty
Blount vs. Maine
By Ryan Gould & Arnold Sturtevant

1988: paperback
Published by Maine Christian Legal Defense Fund
Price: $8.00

Maine threatened to take a rural family’s children as wards of the state, where the parents failed to comply with onerous teacher certification laws, thus causing the truancy of their children. The parents, whose children significantly bettered achievement standards, sued for relief, claiming 1st amendment rights. The judge agreed a homeschooling family’s religious beliefs were genuine. Nevertheless, on appeal, Maine’s Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s decision that the state is alone charged with the constitutional responsibility to educate its children, in effect, enjoying sovereign jurisdiction over its children ... thereby, according to author Sturtevant’s thesis, “establishing a state religion” (secular humanism) in violation of the Constitution’s 1st Amendment freedom to exercise one’s religion. 

Homeward bound through wilderness
by Arnold & Leda Sturtevant

Price: $ 39.00 softcover; $69.00 hardcover
Publication: 2017, for release in May
ISBN: 978-1-4907-8051-1 (sc)
pages: 462
size: 8.25" x 11"
Hundreds of illustrations; maps and charts interpreting factors causing dramatic spikes in baptisms over the centuries; a complete index; entertaining stories told through first person narratives.

70 Patriots of the American Revolution settled Fayette, Maine, their footprints visible to this day. One clear imprint surviving the erosion of time is Fayette Baptist Church, its history seen through the eyes of a family that lived it from its very beginning, in 1792. Many valuable lessons can be learned through fascinating biographical sketches of those who lived their faith in a sometimes hostile world: not all triumphed ... (and for good reason!).
Just A (S)mile Away
by Arnold & Leda Sturtevant

2018 paperback & hard cover
published by authors
price: $47.00 hard cover; $36.00 soft cover
ISBN: 978-0-578-20896-1 soft cover
           978-0-578-20897-8 hard civer
pages: 374
size: 8.5" x 11"
illustrations: hundreds of photos, 134 pages full color

After their 50th wedding anniversary in 2002, authors Arnold and Leda Sturtevant were often separated for extended periods from children, grandchildren and great grandchildren who had flown their Fayette Maine home nest to places here and yon. Born early in another century, the Sturtevants, typical of those their age, share an aversion to modern technology - (cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, texting, etc.). Their communication to loved ones has been limited to old-fashioned letter-writing: one Christmas letter a year by U. S. Postal Service; and, in between, sporadic e-mails, as events inspired. Their mission has been to always salt messages with appropriate doses of humor, calculated to protect and promote a healthy, joy-filled family spirit in a troubled world. Publication of this collection of selected letters written over the second half-century of their marriage is meant to preserve that joyful spirit for generations they may never have the joy of greeting face to face, smile to smile, in this world.

"I'LL GO" ... When President Lincoln needed more troops, a Maine farmer answered the call 
by Arnold H. Sturtevant

Published 2020 by the author
Prices: ISBN #978-578-23487-8; soft cover $$15.00

Pages: 59
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Illustrations: 31 drawings by Weld, Maine artist Seaverns Hilton: 32 photographs from Sturtevant archives; 

Civil War history written in words of those who lived it: from diaries, letters and journals iand photo albums. When Josiah Sturtevant enlisted in tdhe Union Army in JUne 1862, he put into motion a set of circumstances that necessitated communication of tdhoughts by written word over a period of four decades.
Barnabas: Letter to the Nazarenes
commentary by Arnold H. Sturtevant

2020: published by author
Price: ISBN #978-0-578-23316-1;  $25.00 hard cover; 
          ISBN #978-0-578-23315-1;  $17.00 soft cover

Pages: 262
Size: 6" x 9"
17 color illustrations

The Apostle Barnabas, a Levite Jew, addressed Christian Jews, once called Nazarenes in synagogues they attended prior to Rome’s 70 AD destruction of Jerusalem and its Temple. Scattered abroad from their homes and under severe persecution by both non-Christian Jews and Rome, these early believers were disheartened, their faith severely shaken by what Barnabas called “present circumstances.” The Temple gone, they grieved over their inability to obey laws regarding sacrifices and offerings and keeping holy days commanded by God to be observed forever. Barnabas warns that Rome will rTebuild the Temple, but only for evil intent – (quoting Enoch and Daniel). Messiah is building the only acceptable temple … a spiritual temple in hearts of believers, where He now resides. The old Temple sacrifices have been annulled.

Barnabas attempts to “gladden the hearts” of discouraged believers with a barrage of reasons why they, as Jews, should be rejoicing rather than weeping. Ancient Jewish prophecies were being fulfilled, and “types” or “shadows” made clear before their very eyes: all pointed to Messiah.

God began fashioning man on the “6th day” of creation. However, we are not yet made into the “image and likeness” of God. The “end of the 6th day” is fast approaching, when the saved will be completed, judged by their Maker, “holy” … “worthy to hallow the Sabbath day” of rest, the 7th day of God’s “week” … at last able to love God as He first loved us!