The beauty and serenity of this magical place fills me with peace and a sense of well-being that is hard to describe. The quiet mornings, the fog lifting, the clear air, the never stopping sounds of the crickets, the free feeling of walking through the fields behind Lilac Cottage at sunset, the intoxicating mix of smells from the flowers, weeds , apples ... I will always treasure the memories.MS, Salem, Massachusetts

...I went to sleep in utter silence in an 18th century house and woke up the next morning to find a place still so quiet that it was like experiencing a new sensation...Everett Potter's Travel Report (

...Visitors enjoy a taste of agriculture, but mostly it's a lifestyle of a different age ... for any history lover, Home-Nest Farm is a dream come true. While off the beaten path, Home-Nest is actually centrally located ... (for sightseeing Maine). There's so much to do, both on the farm and off, that visitors come back year after year...B. J. Bangs, The Maine Sunday Telegram (Sunday July 1, 2007 edition) 

What you present to guests from all over the world is the best representation of America at her best.  Just a short stay here readjusts aright the attitude and perspective.JDM, Bedford, Texas

We were looking for the “other America” ... not the (city) our daughter lives in.  And, Oh boy! ...have we found it! Home-Nest Farm will live in our memory for ever... beautiful, colorful, restful, peaceful!TMS, Rochdale, England

I love it when people do their work with love. You’ve made a little paradise of your home.  When we’re back in Germany we won’t only remember skyscrapers and McDonalds, but a farm in Maine which gave us the feeling of being at home so far away (from our own) ...RFR, Emerkingen, Germany

We feel watched over, when we chose this place to stay.  We held onto a brochure of Home-Nest Farm for 4 years. (Then) we decided to stay here, sight unseen.  But, Oh!. when we got here! -- it is one of the most amazing and beautiful places on earth! GJG, New York, NY
The great Irish poet, William Butler Yeats, once wrote a poem entitled, “The Lake Isle of Innisfree,” in which he imagined a lovely island where one from the hot city pavements could find freedom and calm. Here at Home-Nest  we have found what one might call “The Farm of Innisfree,” a place where one is free to relax for the reading of poetry before a wood fire and the pleasant viewing of mountains, distant across white fields bordered by white birch.
W & SS, Buxton, Maine
Having such worthful life with a beautiful nature of New England and American heartful hospitality.  Now I feel some sacred heart in this other nature of Maine. You (hosts) look so warm heart person. Have enjoyed this country calm atmosphere when saw walking old horse on the path.  Will eat a famous lobster of Maine tonight!IO, Tokyo, Japan
Your hospitality to us was overwhelming! Realize well that yours is not a business, nor an enterprise.  Yours is a deeply needed ministry to wayward travelers who are searching for a path of meaning, a path of purpose.S & GN, Boise Idaho
It has been a lovely week. The view and fresh cool air was heaven.  The well stocked kitchen, the flowers and the home made bread were wonderful touches. I never have seen such a well stocked cottage, right down to the lobster pot!  We certainly will be a regular guest.B & DH, Sarasota, Florida
This is the 3rd time we’ve been here - and each time has given us wonderful moments to remember. So many things to do and see - never enough time! This is a beautiful place - the woods, mountains, lakes, wildlife, AND the people. Once again, we’re not disappointed.  As always, Home-Nest Farm exceeded our expectations.  Hope to see you again next year!D & WG, Dresher, Pennsylvania
Another memorable time at Home-Nest Farm. As before, we enjoyed the peace and quiet and the Maine countryside, and the lovely days we had here - and with you. Fond memories which we will take back home with the hope that we will have the chance to return again.J & EB, North Berwick, Scotland
The Maine countryside & the warmth of its people has allowed me to connect with some deep spiritual roots. As baby Gordon falls asleep in my arms by the kitchen fireplace, I wonder if I’m offering him the best in the world.R & AG, Laguna Beach, California
This truly historic home is the perfect stop!  Such fun reading about the history of your family!  The rooms are charming.  I’ll be giving you all a very positive review! Editor, America’s Wonderful Little  Hotels & Inns
We could not have found a better place than Home-Nest Farm. In fact, we liked it so much we extended our stay! We enjoyed the spaciousness of East Wing with its wonderful canopied (and comfortable!) bed and antiques here and there. In fact everything you could possibly want for a break in the countryside.J & JM, Hitchin, England
 ...swimming at Webb Lake, Smalls Falls, a cold but refreshing dip in the Atlantic at Reid Sate Park, a float trip down the Kennebec River, flying with Jack’s Air Service over Moosehead Lake to Mt. Katahdin, spotting bull moose, picking blueberries, bringing in the hay for the sheep and Crispy.  I took many rolls of film of your lovely landscapes, sunsets and wildlife. Thanks for the change in life, for making it the way it should be! Always!WG, Roslyn, Pennsylvania
"Wise choice!"